Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sponsored Review: Barbie Luna Violet

I actually received these lenses from Uniqso at the beginning of January, but I haven't had a camera until now
These lenses will be part of my 5000 follower giveaway on tumblr, along with some other things~

These lenses are HUGE
You can see how much of a difference they make compared to my normal eyes

They're very bright, and the colours are really vibrant against my dark eyes
The only downside is that they can look blue in certain lights

I really like the 4 tone design, I like the way the colours blend together, and don't just look like a solid block of colour like some lenses can

These lenses are surprisingly comfortable for the size
I thought they would be really uncomfortable, but I can wear them for up to 8 hours easily

/awkward half-smile

In other news, I'm going to Glasgow tomorrow to see one of my favourite bands, Sigur Rós ;0;
They're from Iceland and this is probably their most known song~

Then on Monday I'm going to New York City with uni
I've never been outside of Europe, so I'm pretty excited, but kinda scared at the same time uvu

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

first post ♡

I've been meaning to start blogging for a while, but I keep managing to distract myself from it
Mainly because I never know what to write about, but since I'm approaching 5000 followers on my tumblr blog, I thought I should

I've also finally decided to dedicate myself to Gyaru (or try to stick to it anyway)
I've always been undecided because there are just so many styles I like I could never bring myself to choose just one
And now comes the task of trying to choose which Gyaru substyle I'm most interested in

Anyway that's it really, anything you need to know should be here~
And there are links to my tumblrs & other things on the side

/old grainy instagram picture