Monday, 5 August 2013

Ladies Day ~ Hime Gyaru

Last Saturday I went to the races with my friends for Ladies Day~
People tend to go all out with huge fascinators and fancy dresses so I took the opportunity to dress Hime Gyaru without looking totally out of place
Dress: Yumetenbo
Shoes: Yumetenbo
Flowers: Topshop & New Look
Hair Pieces: Prisila

At first I was like 'wearing all this hair in this heat is gonna be a disaster' but it turned out to not be so bad~

Before the races we went to my friends house for brunch and Pimms cause he lives near the racecourse
Here's a picture of us all dressed up for a change~ 
*excuse my awkward pose I was trying to bend down so I wasn't blocking anyone with my hair*
I've noticed I tend to dress up more during the day than for nights out or events and stuff
Who wants to wear heels when they're drinking? I've never understood that logic

And at the actual races~

It was actually a really good day out~
Just kinda chilling and having a picnic

And the best part is I won on my first ever bet
I picked the horse with the fanciest name and it came first

And since I haven't updated forever I might was well write about DEATHGAZE in London too, even though it was almost a month ago

My hotel room didn't have a full length mirror so I couldn't take a proper outfit shot, but you can kinda see the rest in the next picture
Leggings: Topshop
Shoes: Ebay

Pretty much the only other picture of me from that day 
I planned on taking loads but it was so hot I just couldn't be bothered, and I spent most of my time running to Sainsbury's to get water 

But I was super glad I got to meet Kitty and Kacey~ They're so lovely omg
(I stole both these picture from Kitty's Facebook, hope she doesn't mind oops)
I went down by myself like I did last year for SCREW, but this time I actually had people to talk to~ 
Even though I'm really bad at talking to people

I met a load of other nice people too cause we went out for cocktails after

Anyway the gig itself was so amazing, they're a lot better live than recorded in my opinion~
The whole atmosphere was waaaay better than SCREW last year too
I just hope EAT YOU ALIVE come to London on their EU tour so I can go back down and hopefully meet more awesome people (and actually speak this time maybe)

But then, as always when I'm in London, disaster struck
I got stuck in one of the lifts at the tube and missed my train home
So I had to pay another £90 to get back 3 hours later
There's some kinda bad omen on me going down there