My Little Pony

This is probably my all time biggest obsession
I never really talk about how much I love My Little Pony cause I really dislike the fandom and try to stay out of it
Plus I don't really like Friendship is Magic or the G4 ponies was much

~*~ Will be fully updated with pictures soon ~*~
Starshine 1983

Lickety Split 1984

Baby Lickety Split 1984

Baby Tiddley-Winks 1985

Baby Lucky 1986

Baby Tumbleweed 1987

Hip-Hop 1992

Sundance (Birthday Magic) 1997.


Bee-Bop 2002

Bowtie 2002
Sew-and-So 2002

Sunset Sweety 2002

Dainty Daisy 2004

Guava Lava 2004
Loop-de-La 2004 

Lulabelle (2004)

Spring Breeze 2004

Strawberry Reef 2004

Cherry Blossom III 2005

Precious Gem (2005)

Pinkie Pie VI (Pony Party with Pinkie Pie) 2006

Rainbow Swirl III (Ice Cream Dream Supreme) 2006

Rarity 2006

Wysteria V 2006

Cheerilee (with skirt) 2008

Pinkie Pie 2008

StarSong (Twice as Fancy) 2008

Sweetie Belle (Twice as Fancy) 2008

Rainbow Dash 2008

Newborn Rainbow Dash (Shopping Day with Mom) 2009

Princess Celestia (2010)

Rarity (2010)

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